The design gets its name from the eight glass screen panels creating the octagon at the center. Visuals are cast onto each screen via various projectors located inside and out of the octoscope to eliminate shadows. Both surrounding and filling the octoscope is an array of one hundred eighteen light strips, each holding sixteen bulbs of light to reach a total of nearly two thousand individually illuminated lights. The performer stands at the center of the octoscope - encaged in visual and light.

Concept: Octoscope

Centered around the raised platform at its core, this stage puts an electric new-age twist on the dais, a structure originally found in medieval halls and throne rooms. The stage features ninety-six moving heads, twenty-five blinders, four laser projectors, twenty-four stationary battens, and twelve mobile battens, as well as fifty-four high definition video panels lining the dais, and a 32:15 standard definition video wall as a background. Designed to provide a powerful venue engulfing audio-visual experience while keeping the performer at the center, raised above all else.

Concept: Dais Ex Machina

A stage setup comprised of four 4:7 screens on a rail allowing them to separate and merge to form a more natural 16:7 widescreen LED wall. The screens are accompanied by a total of forty eight lights situated on the trusses, stage, and ceiling of the venue. The venue is modeled after the WaMu Theater in Downtown Seattle.

A stage centered around an array of reprogrammed mini christmas lights. The stage enveloping grid contains 10x4 light strips, excluding two in the center to make room for a table and performer, each strip contains sixteen lights for a total of over six hundred lights. Each light is individually synced to a video pixel map and uses a visual software to display color. The stage also features an additional six onstage fixtures and a large super widescreen LED wall for a background. Designed to produce powerful atmospheric and intimate lighting whilst maintaining adaptability to any venue size.