Concept: Octoscope

Originating from a combination of Four Tet’s live stage, and Karma Fields’ ‘HEX’ stage design, the Octoscope binds two powerful ideas to create a unique, atmospheric visual companionship. The design gets its name from the eight glass screen panels creating the octagon at the center. Visuals are cast onto each screen via various projectors located inside and out of the octoscope to eliminate shadows.

Both surrounding and filling the octoscope is an array of one hundred eighteen light strips, each holding sixteen bulbs of light to reach a total of nearly two thousand individually illuminated lights. The performer stands at the center of the octoscope - encaged in visual and light.
In addition, the stage features sixteen moving heads, eight on the inner-octoscope stage floor and eight on a circular truss rigged from the ceiling, as well as eight flood lights. Designed to produce an immersive, multidimensional visual experience.