Concept: Dais Ex Machina

Centered around the raised platform at its core, this stage puts an electric new-age twist on the dais, a structure originally found in medieval halls and throne rooms. At the center are three stacked platforms, wholly surrounded by light, each platform being lined with LED panels. Atop the third platform resides the performer, encaged by moving batten lights projecting light both in and out.  Backing the dais is the massive video wall. The wall is split into four sections creating an X across it. Filling the gaps in between the sections are four trusses. Each truss is packed with moving heads and blinders on both top and bottom, as well as being lined with battens on the front. Finally, raised above the dais are three square trusses, one directly above and on both sides. Each square is lined with twelve moving heads facing downwards onto the stage. In addition, each square features dynamically adjustable height at four points, allowing the lights to reach all directions and possibilities.

In total, the stage features ninety-six moving heads, twenty-five blinders, four laser projectors, twenty-four stationary battens, and twelve mobile battens. Designed to provide a powerful venue engulfing audio-visual experience while keeping the performer at the center, raised above all else.